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About the School


Always display the highest degree of respect to your Sabumnim.
2: Always bow before and after speaking to your Sabumnim.
3: When adjusting your Do Bok (uniform) do not face your Sabumnim.
4: When entering or leaving the training area bow to your Sabumnim and to the flags.
5: If you arrive at class late, wait to be recognized by Sabumnim.
6: During class you must gain permission from Sabumnim prior to leaving training area.
7: Strict attention to be given to Sabumnim at all times.
8: Proper respect will be displayed to all higher ranking belts.
9: Never misuse your art. Tae Kwon Do should not be used outside the Do Jang, except in circumstances that require defense or the defense of others.


1: Free-Sparring without the supervision or permission of Sabumnim is prohibited.
2: Remove all jewelry prior to class.
3: Students shall obtain and wear appropriate safety equipment when necessary.
4: Keep your fingers and toe nails trimmed closely.
5: No horseplay in the Do Jang. Please stretch or practice your techniques.


1: Profanity, loss of temper, or any display or lack of self discipline will not be tolerated.
2: No smoking or chewing gum inside the Do Jang.
3: No lounging on the floor or against the walls.
4: Remove shoes upon entering the Do Jang.
5: Keep your Do Bok (uniform) clean.
6: Help keep your Do Jang clean.


1: All BLACK BELTS must attend all PROMOTION TESTS. 
2: All students will wear your Do Bok (uniform) at all PROMOTION TESTS.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Michael Preisendorf - School Owner
Sandy Preisendorf - Instructor
Merrilee - Instructor
Ron - Instructor
Eric - Instructor
Kasey - Instructor
Rex - Instructor
Adaora - Instructor
Laine - Instructor
Lauren - Instructor
Mark - Instructor
Lohitha - Instructor
Ricky - Instructor
Carmen - Instructor